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Rack Mount Servers

1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and 6U rack mount server systems with wide choice of processors including the latest Intel® multi-core long life embedded processors; hot swap power supplies and fans, and options for integrated RAID storage. Many are available in rugged form with industrial grade passive backplane and single board computer.

Westek's wide range of industrial rack mount servers are designed to meet the demanding requirements of Telecoms, Datacoms, Industrial and Mission Critical IT applications, Westek Servers are available with options for hot swap RAID storage, hot swap power supplies, support for auto-ranging AC mains or DC, and with optional system alarm monitoring for fan speed, power, temperature, CPU watchdog and user defined alarms. Chose from cost effective or high power server boards, or single board computers (SBC) with PICMG 1.0 or PICMG 1.3 Passive Backplanes with multiple PCI, PCI-X and/or PCI-Express expansion slots. Server board solutions are available with up to 7 PCI-Express Slots, and passive backplanes with PCI. PCI-X and PCI-Express up to 20 slots

All systems are built to your specifications and custom design options are available for OEMs. Optional enhancements include shock mounted disk drives, increased operating temperature range and air filters for systems used in dusty environments. Full rugged MIL-SPEC systems are also available.

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