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NAS and iSCSI Storage Systems

Latest family of high performance iSCSI and NAS storage systems with RAID data security and integrated support for snapshot and real time data replication. With data capacities from 600GBytes to 500TBytes+ per unit, iSCSI allows simple connection of servers in a one to one, one to many, many to one or many to many configuration to iSCSI storage systems using low cost copper Gigabit or 10 Gbit Ethernet connections and Ethernet switches. Optical Fibre and Fibre Channel Interfaces are also available as options. All Westek iSCSI products use enterprise class disk drives or SSD with very high MTBF specifically designed for use in 7x24 operation RAID storage systems. Our latest ultra high performance models support enterprise class flash storage SSD technology for very high real world IOPS and massive random read/write throughput

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Westek's POWER iSCSI systems support both NAS and iSCSI functionality (as well as Fibre Channel as an option) and offer serious performance and a range of feature options including active - active real time data replication between storage units with seamless fail over and fail back in the unlikely event of a major system failure. This guarantees data security and allows a real time copy of your valuable data to be maintained on a second system. Our latest technology supports active-passive as standard and active-active data replication with load balancing as an option.

Westeks new RS models support the latest 12Gb/s SAS/SATA disk and are ideal for use in virtualized environments. With Storage Virtualisation, multiple units can be used to build a single storage pool offering highly scalable capacity and simple management. All Power iSCSI Systems are VMware ready.

POWER iSCSI models feature industry leading high performance 64 bit Mutl-Core processor engines, latest technology 128 bit RISC based hardware RAID systems with both RAID 10 and RAID 6 data security, with up to 10 gigabit Ethernet interfaces and have options for multiple copper or optical 10Gbit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel, as well as integrated time stamped snapshot feature as standard. Feature rich remote management capability is also standard. POWER iSCSI models support both Enterprise Class SAS or SATA or SSD disk drives or a mixture to provide the best cost/performance choice.

Like to see a real demonstration? Email sales@westekuk.com and we would be pleased to arrange to show you using a real replicated storage system how easy it is to setup an iSCSI storage network, provision storage capacity to multiple servers, take a snapshot, replicate the data and show how the seamless failover and recovery operates in real time with two POWER iSCSI systems.

Want to know more about data replication, snapshot, expansion, virtualisation or Westek's secure WORM file storage system options?

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