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Data Storage Systems

All Westek's RAID data storage systems support both NAS and iSCSI with optional Fibre Channel support.

So whether you want a shared file server based storage system (NAS) using your existing LAN or you want to provision virtual disk space to servers over a dedicated Ethernet network (SAN) these systems are the ideal solution.

Westek iSCSI and NAS Data Storage Systems are Ideal for Mission Critical IT Data Storage applications including virtualised environments, databases, email data and general file storage of virtually any type since iSCSI uses block level storage technology.

Coupled with snapshot and real time data replication option features these NAS and iSCSI systems ensure that your data is protected and provide easy recovery from accidental file deletion, virus attacks or even a complete DR situation very easily. Our active-active replication option doubles performance and provides true no single point of failure for ultimate data protection

Simple low cost connection to your servers is via multiple Gbit Ethernets, or for very high performance with 10Gbit Ethernet with options for copper or optical interfaces. Dual Fibre Channel is also supported as an option.

These systems support SAS, SATA and SSD disks and they may be mixed in the same system to optimise performance and storage capacity where it is most needed to provide the best cost effective solution. Westek's Power iSCSI systems are scaleable via the SAS expansion port to provide up to 128 disks using low cost expansion shelves. Our latest flash / SSD storage based systems provide ultimate real world performance for the most demanding applications